IT & Networking
The Foundation of a Modern Home

Today's new homes are much more technologically advanced than in the past. One of the biggest advances is the use of "structured wiring" in homes. Structured wiring consists of installing a bundled wire package that typically contains RG6 and Cat5e or Cat6 cables.

The structured wiring method will allow you to add many features in the future as you need them. We could add video cameras, whole house audio, play movies in one room and watch them in another or create a simple home network. The possibilities are endless, and as more electronic components are created with IP addresses and ports it will become much easier to integrate all of our favorite electronics into a smart home feature.

Services we can offer you:

  • Structured wiring
  • A simple home network solution
  • Supply and installation
  • After sales support


Have been exceptional.

“Derek’s punctuality, workmanship and after sales follow up have been exceptional. As a qualified electrician myself, (and a pedantic Virgo), I took particular note of how the installation was carried out and at no time was there a need to raise question. The pride of professional workmanship was clearly evident.”

- Stuart and Julie Hellyer

One company to work with!

“When we came to build our new home there was only one company from past experience we wanted to work with and entrust our automation requirements too, and that was Techknow, owned and operated by Derek Crane.”

— Christopher Paul

From a sceptic to 100% believer.

“I must say thank you for your input and advice in relation to the audio- lighting and all other aspects of the Control4 system. From a sceptic to a 100% believer in Control4 is how I would describe myself. I could not imagine why anyone would consider building a home without building in some sort of system, particularly if the home is in the higher price bracket. ”

— John Rae