Home Theatre, Just like going to the movies.

Creating the right home theatre system can be a tricky prospect because there is so much to consider. To make things easy for you, TECHKNOW provides quality advice about the design and choosing the products. And from there we’ll supply and then install them for you.

When choosing a home theatre system you need to consider pricing, room size, screen size and even personal tastes. Some people love the look of a projection screen, while others prefer the sleek appeal of a giant plasma screen hanging on the wall. Next is the sound system, one of the biggest things that sets the movie theatre experience apart from watching television is the sound. And lastly is the AV receiver, it’s an important piece of your home theatre equipment. It takes all the source information and data, and translates it into pictures and sound.


Services we can offer you:

  • Concept and design ideas
  • Supply and Installation of leading brands in your home
  • Connection of AV Equipment
  • Wall Mounting and Hidden Cables
  • Custom Cables and Installation
  • Correct Speaker Placement
  • Programming Of Universal Remote


Very highly recommended.

“Our brief was that the system was to operate internally or externally using iPhones, iPads, Internal VDU screens, remote controls and desk top computer. Derek’s expertise and patience created this for us and along with his workmanship, dedication to the job and follow-up service, Techknow comes very highly recommended. ”

— Christopher Paul

Lived up to expectations.

“I am thrilled with the end result and have no hesitation in recommending Derek and the team at Techknow. In fact I have done so on a number of occasions and each time Derek has lived up to expectations.”

— Marc Killeen.

Have been exceptional.

“Derek’s punctuality, workmanship and after sales follow up have been exceptional. As a qualified electrician myself, (and a pedantic Virgo), I took particular note of how the installation was carried out and at no time was there a need to raise question. The pride of professional workmanship was clearly evident.”

— Stuart and Julie Hellyer