Home Automation

It’s a term that’s being used more and more. 
But just what is it?

In essence, smart home technology allows you to control all the electronics in your home using your smartphone or tablet. From basic tasks like turning the lights off, locking the door, and turning the tv off from any room in the house to more advanced functions like a ‘wake up’ setting that slowly turns on the lights, plays your favourite morning music and ensures your house is set to the perfect temperature.  

And home automation systems let you control your home no matter where you are, via smartphone, tablet or laptop.

You can also start off small, for example, automate the lighting and audio visual entertainment in your lounge. Further down the track you can expand to every room in the house. It’s really just a matter of tailoring a home automation system that matches your needs and budget.


From lighting up the path to the house when you arrive home, to closing the curtains and making your house appear lived in while on holiday. Your home can be automatically or remotely controlled to maintain your family’s security.

  • Check who’s at the door, before you get up to answer it
  • Light up the path to and from your home
  • Get into bed at night and arm your security system from your phone
  • While you’re away, you can control your house so it appears lived in


From controlling your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, through to turning off appliances and shutting the blinds in the evening. A smart home allows you to find creative ways to cut down your power bill.

  • Reduce your HVAC settings during the day, or shut down remotely
  • Close the blinds when the sun goes down to trap warmth inside your home
  • Time your heated towel rails to shut off when they are not needed


Home Automation will work in any home, many of the functions that make your smart home so useful can be installed wirelessly to reduce the amount of work needed. Anything that needs wires can be easily installed in your home without busting down walls.


To get started on building your own smart home, all you need to do is get in touch. Whether you have an idea on what you want or need some help, we’re happy to have a chat to you about how home automation can work in your house.



From a sceptic to 100% believer!

“I must say thank you for your input and advice in relation to the audio- lighting and all other aspects of the Control4 system. From a sceptic to a 100% believer in Control4 is how I would describe myself. I could not imagine why anyone would consider building a home without building in some sort of system, particularly if the home is in the higher price bracket.”

— John Rae

One company to work with! 

“When we came to build our new home there was only one company from past experience we wanted to work with and entrust our automation requirements too, and that was Techknow, owned and operated by Derek Crane.”

— Christopher Paul.

No hesitation in recommending!

“Derek from Techknow has a real ability to listen carefully to the client’s wish list and to concisely explain what can be achieved, and to implement it without fuss in a cost effective manner. The Control 4 system that he installed has proven to be reliable, flexible and capable. I have no hesitation in recommending both Derek Crane and the Control 4 system to anyone.”

— David Houghton.