Home Comforts. Enjoy Energy Efficient Comfort.

Rain, hail or shine. It doesn’t matter what it’s like outside – with the right technology you can make sure it’s always the perfect inside. With the push of a button you can adjust climate settings, and you can allow temperature and humidity to automatically according to the season. If you have a pool or spa at home, we can add technology that allows you to set the temperature and start the bubbles from your mobile. If you’re a gardener we can even automate your sprinklers to respond to the weather conditions.  

Now think about the energy saving (i.e. cost saving) potential that comes with this kind of control. Such as outside lights that will only turn on when it’s dark, a thermostat that automatically sets back the temperature when you’re at work, or motorised blinds that automatically block the sun to keep your house cool.

Services we can offer you:

  • Energy efficiency audit
  • Full energy efficient integration with lighting, heating and other appliances.


No hesitation in recommending!

“Derek from Techknow has a real ability to listen carefully to the client’s wish list and to concisely explain what can be achieved, and to implement it without fuss in a cost effective manner. The Control 4 system that he installed has proven to be reliable, flexible and capable. I have no hesitation in recommending both Derek Crane and the Control 4 system to anyone considering an intelligent home automated system.”

— David Houghton

Professional service no, hard sell

“I would have no hesitation in strongly recommending Derek based upon my experience.
He delivered great professional service, no hard sell, and really quick delivery and installation and the outcome is much more than we had hoped for”

- Dr Dwayne Crombie
Managing Director, Bupa Care Services

Lived up to expectations.

“I am thrilled with the end result and have no hesitation in recommending Derek and the team at Techknow. In fact I have done so on a number of occasions and each time Derek has lived up to expectations.”

— Marc Killeen